two friends drinking beers at sunset


Hawkesbury Beer with "your mate here"

HAVE A BEER WITH _________.

He’s your best mate. You and her have done everything together. They’re someone you just met, but really click with. Whatever the reason, we want to hear why your mate is special to you. At the Hawkesbury Brewing Co we’re all about bringing people together, so we want to celebrate whoever is special in your life! Let us make a moment for you.

Tell us whose name should be on our limited release of Hawkesbury Brewing Co’s brew, and why they’re so great for your chance beer bottle fame!

Mates Campaign
First + Last


My mate’s name is already on a bottle, should I still write in?

Mate, absolutely! We may have already picked a Becky, Stacey or Chad but we know that your mate is different and we want to hear about it.

I have quite a few good mates, I don’t know who to choose! Can I submit more than once?

YES PLEASE! The more the merrier here at Hawkesbury Brewing Co.

Does this mean my mate gets free beer?

Unfortunately, we can’t give out free goodies, but what we can give you is another story to add to your friendship, and bragging rights that you got your mate’s name printed on a limited edition Hawekesbury Brewing Co beverage.

My mate’s name didn’t turn up on your bottles. 

That’s not really a question, but don’t worry! We’re doing a few runs of these personalised beer labels. Submit your mate’s name and why they’re so special and it may turn up on the next go round.