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Central Coast Pubs innovate with Keg fresh beer takeaways

While COVID has been nothing but a massive head ache for everyone, there has been some bright spots as companies innovate their way out of adversity.

At the Hawkesbury Brewing Co, we’ve been proud to be one small cog in one such innovation on the coast – keg fresh beer takeaways from local pubs and bars.

Over the past couple of months, Pubs and Bars on the coast have taken to selling keg fresh beer takeaways in 1.5L reusable ‘growler’ bottles.  By doing so, giving their customer base the chance for the first time to enjoy keg fresh beer at home. Not only that, recycling is encouraged with refill pricing options provided in almost every destination. 

All of this naturally providing a much needed revenue boost for pubs and bars over what has been a really rough patch commercially. 

In fact demand has been so high, we’ve struggled to keep up with demand for Growler bottles. Since August we’ve distributed over 3,500 growler bottles across the central coast, Newcastle and northern Sydney. 

Thankfully, with normality returning to the local hospitality industry, there will no doubt be a shift in focus back to the on-premise experience. However its great to know the local hospitality community have another proven revenue stream to support their businesses through good times and bad.