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Ginger Yowie

Flavoured with genuine Buderim ginger and low in sugar, the Ginger Yowie is a sessionable ginger beer to be enjoyed all year round.

Catch one today!

  • ABV: 4%
  • Available in: 500ml and 375ml can, on tap.
  • Low calorie
  • 67% less sugar than leading competitor
  • Naturally brewed on a beer base

The legend of the Yowie!

The year was 1812. A local bushranger and bootlegger by the name of Gibber Jack had just escaped custody from Newcastle gaol and was hiding out in Central Coast bushland. He had been serving a three year stint of hard labour for batching up bush gin despite ‘His Excellency’ the Governor’s prohibiting the baneful practice.

Unfortunately for Gibber Jack his freedom was short lived. While being tracked by colonial soldiers, he reportedly “volunteered” his recapture when he came screaming out of his bush hideout terrified. According to a local gazette, Gibber Jack claimed to have been chased by a howling 10 foot part man, part ape which then turned its attention to his would be captors.

None of the tracking soldiers were seen again and Gibber Jack was happy to be returned to the safety of gaol. For many historians this is just another Bigfoot or Yeti myth but for the locals who have lived with the YOWIE for as long as anyone can remember, it’s not a matter of proving the YOWIE exists, it’s a matter of not getting caught..